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THE Rural Woman Full Bloom  Exhibition.

At the Baradine Discovery Centre

Open for the month of April 2018

Directions via Google Map  and details below for the other amazing spaces and places you can visit over this holiday break! Don't miss it!

There is so many amazing places and spaces to explore around Coonabarabran and Baradine. So make sure you have time to explore the many incredible natural and cultural resources around this area... I am going to list some here and put some further images and resources below... You truly should make the most of your visit and I know that it will be a challenge to choose which to do in the time you have available!

Pilliga Pottery - Barkala Farm - a total experience!

Sculptures in the Scrub - Awesome art set in the bush! Don't miss it!

Warrumbungle National Park 

Baradine Discovery Centre - Baradine

Sandstone Caves - beautiful natural formation

Milroy - Observatory - Check out the awesome night sky with Donna Burton!

Crystal Kingdom - Coonabarabran

Baradine Attractions! 

Coonabarabran Attractions!

Warrumbungle Shire Attractions!

Eating out! - List on Warrumbungle Shire site

Thanks to the following sites that have helped promote our event... and are open over the weekend.

Say hello and thanks to them for their support!

Freckles Coffee Spot - Baradine - order your Saturday lunch here with Ella and Wil.

Feathers Cafe - for breakfast & Lunch

Sisterelleas - Breakfast & Lunch

Tibuc Gardens - for breakfast, lunch and accomodation

Cardians Coffee lounge

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