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Imagine being able easily understand much more about your Menopause Journey so that you can start to THRIVE more and struggle less with your health, energy and happiness.    

It is not only possible but easily achievable for you to  start to understand more about your Menopause Transition through the Thrive Through Menopause Foundation Course or Premium package.

As  a qualified Herbalist & Natural Medicine Women’s Health provider, 2 x published Author, Event Leader, Speaker and Teacher/Healer with nearly three  decades of combined study and clinical practice, Wendy Dumaresq can provide you with a great deal of valuable information gleaned from 'what works' for so many of her patients over the years,  as well as a toolkit of Do It Yourself simple strategies to help you to start to THRIVE more than struggle your way through these years. 


These 3 courses are now available to you thanks to an awesome collaboration between Wendy Dumaresq, as the content expert and Vivian Evans as the technology expert (Wendy calls Viv her 'Techno Ninja Woman'). Together we are delighted to bring to you a series of online self paced programs focused on Thriving Through Menopause that you can access from your computer, phone or table/iPad.

If you are unsure then begin by exploring the Free Thrive Through Menopause Sneak Peek Introductory course. See information and links for each of the 3 courses below. You have options to suit your budget and a payment plan option for the more expensive Premium Package so what you need is within your reach.

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