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Virtues of ZEAL! The spice of life!

Each month Rebel Black, the founder of THE Rural Woman, focuses on a 'virtue' for her Connections and Conversations Podcast. I was delighted to be her April 2017 Podcast guest and to discuss the virtue of Zeal.

So what is Zeal? The Dictionary definition of Zeal is Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. The opposite to zeal is apathy and indifference, which I think tells you a lot more.

To me zeal means to set goals you are keen to achieve and pursue them with enthusiasm. I can’t help but smile even when I say this! It can be zealously doing things on your own or more likely with others. It’s about making life fun and rewarding. To try new things, taking calculated risks. Making life happen!

Rebel asked me the following questions and the podcast below shares the explorative discussion we had together regarding Zeal. These questions certainly got me thinking and excited about the virtues of Zeal in our lives!

I hope you enjoy listening and I would love to hear your thoughts by sharing in the comments section.

1.Today we are talking zeal, particularly in relation to connections in our life and business – so what does the virtue of zeal mean for you?

2. Your passion is to empower people to ‘make it happen’ how does applying ZEAL to our connections, to self and others, help us to make it happen?

3. We’ve known each other for many years and you’ve always struck me as a zealous person…but I know you’ve also had struggles, as we all have – how does the virtue of zeal help us through those times?

4. Can you have too much zeal?

5. What holds rural women back from zealously connecting?

6. Where have you seen zeal really work for making it happen in your life or in those people you’ve worked with?

7. How do you apply zeal in your own life?

8. What tools for zeal do you recommend? (I've listed these below)


What tools for zeal did I recommend? Warning I have a big list!

  • The essential ingredients for good mental health - regular daily exercise, meditation, connecting with people & having a goal.

  • These essential ingredients are all free - you can spend money on them but they are also freely available if you look and make the effort.

  • Some useful apps - map my walk, helping with sleep, I love head space for meditation (first 10 weeks are free) There are others.

  • reading inspiring books (good old library - for talking books & paper backs)

  • Get out into your community and explore - find out what is going on and try something new. Walks, gardens, history, art, Take time to smell the roses! Take photos. Check out the wildlife.

  • Volunteer (especially for Girl Guides :-) )

  • Make the effort to catch up with friends - on the phone or better still in person

  • Stop using social media for longer stretches of time - I have discovered that this is an addiction for many of us.. including me and I am trying to manage it. I have realised it causes a lot of apathy and time wasting “Where did that 1/2 hour go??”

  • Checking out Ted Talks, Youtube videos and books on positive thinking to give you inspiration.

  • Setting goals and working on achieving them - Using tools such as the 7 Steps of intention and creating vision boards of where you want to be!

  • Planners, diaries, calendars to lock in those intentions… otherwise you coast and another year has gone.

  • Mind mapping - so that for me is coloured pens and paper to expand on your ideas

  • Connecting with and joining a tribe - people who will support you in your endeavours not bring you down or not support you in your goals

  • Invest in a good sports bra and running/walking shoes - it was new sports gear that started me running… I suddenly felt good! Or perhaps it is swimmers for the pool. They are your essential tools for the tool kit.

  • Giving yourself opportunities for Being creative - in the garden, with paper and paint, writing, singing, acting, community radio. Whatever takes your fancy and challenges you. Community radio is definitely something I want to try.

  • Set the alarm

  • Take that first step - it is the hardest but once taken you can really get on a roll.

  • Seek help - if you are feeling depressed there is help out there. You know your brain really does work differently when you are depressed - we can’t see it but it is physical

  • Seek help when you are stuck - I have a bit of an aversion to budgets - when I have them they are an awesome tool but I procrastinate starting them. I was stuck on starting so i emailed and rang a person for help and guess what together we did it in less than an hour -working using google drive so we could screen share!! Why did I let it ride for 3 weeks when it was that easy???

  • Being coached to help you achieve your goals - especially if you have had a goal for a long time but just can’t seem to make it stick. It may be worth investing in you to see what is causing the block of achieving your goal. Often i have discovered it is we ourselves that prevent ourselves achieving our own goals.

  • We tells ourselves BED Time stories - Blame excuse Denial and we have to flip that to our Oarsomeness - OAR being Ownership, Accountability and Responseableness.

  • If it is health and fitness your chasing I highly recommend the Free coaching with the NSW Get Healthy service

  • Believe in yourself. You are enough and you are definitely worth it!

Do you have some essential tools for adding Zeal in your life? Please share!

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