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Live Tea Tasting Event

 with Katja Ingham from Tea Karts

Join us for what we believe to be a 'first' of it's kind event!

A virtual live online tea tasting


Register (via form below) and pay just $28 to be sent 3 different blends of tea samples (1 each of Black, Green & Herbal) via the post along with an infuser...

Join us live online on Thursday 23rd November at either 8am or 6pm to be guided 

by Tea Blender, Katja Ingham, from Tea Karts

 on a Tea Tasting Journey!

On the day you will need:

  • the goodies we have sent you,

  • a kettle or saucepan with lid nearby

  • Filtered or rain water

  • Teacup 

  • Access to rinsing water between each tea tasting


If you are concerned you might miss the live event... no worries we will send you the recording and you can follow along with Katja's advice when you ready for that perfect cup of tea!

Ahhhh what a fun & relaxing way to start or end the day.

Do Join us!

Play the video below to see Katja's presentation on Tea Tasting Tips on our LIVE@Lunch event

Why not register on behalf of a tea drinking friend and they can receive the recording and tea tasting samples and play when they are ready!

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