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Connecting Communities

Vivian has been a volunteer for over 20 years in rural communities, engaged with teams spread across large distances. Vivian has been a consultant and employed in positions that require working and collaborating with people across NSW and Australia.

She knows the importance of collaboration and connection of your team in ways

that minimise time, travel and expense.

Vivian knows how important it is to stay connected in the business and work world and the importance of not be away from your family and home.

Do you lead or are you part of a team or community that is geographically spread? Whether many kilometres apart in rural Australia, separated by commuting time in a big city or spread across the world.


I can help you and your team connect and collaborate effectively in a supportive low stress way. Over the many years I have worked with teams spread over vast distances I have explored many online tools and strategies to engage teams in a meaningful and practical way. Overcoming the tyranny of challenging connections - I live the rural Australia experience of variable connection quality.


In this time I have connected educators, students, volunteers, mentors, leaders, managers and more through a myriad of tools. Explored and engaged with a variety of free and paid for platforms for Synchronous (at the same time connections) and Asynchronous tools (connect at any varied time). 


Thankfully people in this world enable technology to keep advancing. Giving us new opportunities and resources to meet our communication needs and to collaborate more effectively. 


Connect with me via our Contact Form if you want to discuss the potential possibilities to support your team to connect and collaborate effectively. 


Vivian Evans - Making it Happen!

"I encourage a mix of synchronous (same time connections) and asynchronous (any time connection) tools to make it work effectively."

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