Your invitation to the Coonabarabran Summer CCCC program

Have you been too busy to attend business workshops or if you did you were unable to follow up with what was learnt as you were just too busy?
Have you had a new idea but were unable to kick start or keep the momentum up to see it through?
What if instead, you could be part of a small, local, focused, supportive group of like minded, proactive, keen business owners that helped each other keep on track and focused on growing your business...
What if together you shared practical ideas & resources, were given a chance to be frank with your concerns & bounce exciting creative ideas and were supported in bringing them to fruition.
What if you had a focused facilitator and a team making sure  YOU and YOUR goals are front and centre every week so that you don't slide back to being too busy to make positive business actions!
Well perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for you!
Come join Vivian Evans on this exciting pilot program of the Summer CCCCs and be the one to catch the first exciting wave!
Summer CCCCs Business offer.jpg