I believe that rural businesses can thrive!
Empowering individuals to connect, create & collaborate is what I do.
Supporting businesses to innovate and grow
Making IT Happen!
Providing online technology strategies to help grow your business

Website Creation

Want to create a website but not sure where to begin?

Let's work together to create an awesome website that YOU are empowered to manage and grow

Online Course Building

Let's talk to see how we could collaborate to create your very own professional courses online

Collaborate & Grow

I love to work with entrepreneurial rural small businesses who want to grow their business and shout their ideas, products & services to the world!

Together we can do that through website creation, online events and awesome innovation!

Webinar Facilitation

Vivian Evans is an experienced online webinar facilitator, ready to connect you online, to engage and share your story, skills and resources with your team and clients.



In 2020 there will be  series of  Events both weekend and day events plus some Business Focus programs so watch out for upcoming events and for past events to get a snapshot of the fabulous events we offer!

About Vivian Evans

Vivian Evans is an experienced online webinar facilitator, a supportive knowledgable partner ready to connect you online, to engage and share your story, skills and resources to the world.


I know the importance of inspiring active engagement. I know the key facilitative tools and strategies you can use to engage, connect and collaborate with individuals, teams and communities. I know you need fuss free communication solutions that inspire engagement and participation. 


Vivian Evans triggers innovative change on how you engage and collaborate with your customers, your team members and your community online. Connect now to Make IT Happen!

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"Make IT Happen!"

To arrange a phone meeting  with Vivian Evans for an initial discussion re your ideas and needs to see if she can help you and your team 'Make IT Happen!' to achieve your desired goals and outcomes.

Please leave a message in the box below and be assured that she, or someone from her team, will contact you as soon as possible.


Please note that Vivian blocks time each day for ‘Deep Work’ where she deliberately disconnects from email and social media to focus her attention on key projects.


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