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Let's Kick Start Your Awesome Wix Website Together!

Hi Awesome Moon Mothers : Caroline, Tash, Ruth and Tamara,

Reflecting on where you are all at the end of the Enterprise with Soul course and some more recent work I have been doing with locals here in Coonabarabran with an artist and a health food cafe/produce store I would love to work with each of you (if you are interested) to help you establish your own Wix website. I know for me I dragged for about 6 months before I got my website started... I 'ummed and ahhed' about whether I would do it or pay someone else, which platform to use etc and I had quite a bit of experience but I was indecisive and a bit scared really of doing a launch. I would love to save you  the pain and anguish and delay on getting yourself launched on the web!

I propose planning and creating 5 pages for your website so they look good on the computer and mobile phones. Working with you online - just 1 : 1 where we focus on establishing your gorgeous, to be super proud of, website!

You own it, design it and I support you and do some tweaking and assist you where needed. It's all about getting you kick started and in control.

It's often a challenge to make the first step to start your own website... decisions to be made and if you aren't confident then you pay someone else and then you have no control on the updates... a year or so down the track you get stuck as the web designer moves on...

I think it's best to empower the small business owner, artist or awesome Moon Mother, to create their own site but in partnership so it reduces the stress of the learning curve, you get started much quicker and can focus on what you want on the site and how it looks (and I support those aspects too!) So this is 1:1 tuition, planning and creating together the website you desire!


  • 6 live online connection sessions over 8 weeks where we plan and create your website using (If you are in a hurry and want to get it completed sooner we can negotiate to bring our sessions closer together.)

  • We aim to agree on a regular time slot to make it happen but we can be flexible for 'other activities'. I prefer day time if it can work at all.

  • The focus will be on creating 5 key pages on your website (e.g. Home page, About me, Live Events & 2 others if you want them... A detailed footer that goes across all your pages with some essential networking to social media and key pages.

  • Initially you join wix and give me access to your site as well so we can collaborate on the building

  • We begin with exploring Wix templates and brainstorming the key information you would like on your site.

  • We focus on building one page at a time & learning how the building of pages and adding content works

Your Commitment

  • You will need to do preparation in between the sessions e.g. getting images, writing up what you want on the site, trying to go in between sessions to keep practicing so it sticks with you. :-) 

  • The more you prepare the more you will get out of our sessions together

The all important Cost

  • For this awesome package I am doing a special offering of $550 (including GST)

  • You are welcome to arrange to pay in instalments, if that means it will allow you to move ahead.

  • You pay for the Wix and domain registration independently (this is not part of the package) You can pay for this after your site is built and ready to launch. How exciting will that day be! I got my first business bite 4 hours after I posted it on the internet! I couldn't believe it! Super exciting moment!

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