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'Making IT Happen!'

I came up with the tag line 'Making IT Happen' from the theme for the 2016 International Women's Day message which was 'Make it happen!’. I was asked to use this theme for my presentation at the 2016 IWD event in Coonabarabran. This theme immediately resonated with me.

After much reflection and deliberation I decided to work with derivations of this for my business. ‘Making it Happen!’ connects really nicely with my focus to help others achieve goals - whether it be goals for individuals, small business or community groups; to achieve goals and ‘make it happen’ for myself. The ‘IT’ could be ‘a goal’ and ‘IT’ could also be Information Technology which I am engaged in. ‘Making IT Happen!” works!

On many occasions I have been labelled and even received awards as ‘an innovator’ and ‘an early adopter’ particularly of new ideas and technologies. I certainly get a thrill out of coming up with new strategies and then pulling them into reality through whatever means I can - such as an event, an online community of practice, engaging effectively over distances to save money and time etc. I love brainstorming, mind maps and creating a goals or task list and most importantly ticking off at least the majority of the list. If not I feel frustrated! Aghh!

When I worked in an office I could at times become totally frustrated by a day at work where I start with a planned list, but instead become like a whirling dervish spinning off new demands, distractions from phone calls, emails, additional tasks, people dropping in etc. Whilst my day was busy, and perhaps productive those key tasks/goals from the start of the day were not achieved but delayed, for yet, another day.

Whirling Dervishes in a spin

On those days I would feel like I had lost all control and become a whirling dervish. If you follow the link to the video this image comes from you will discover that in fact a whirling dervish is completely opposite. They are actually in a trance like state and focused in prayer. However the feeling for me of being in a spin and not in control of my day was quite powerful and frustrating and always made me think of this image.

I discovered that often I would find more satisfaction with a day in the classroom where that was my task and my focus - the students and their learning or a day in the office when no-one knew I was there and I could get things done!

In the reverse

I know that on longer summer holiday breaks away from work but staying at home I would start to go a bit 'stir crazy' without clear goals in place after about a week I would feel lethargic and lose interest in things... (Perhaps the extreme summer heat of Western NSW when we can have over 40 degrees celsius heat has something to do with it too!) Dragging myself back to a routine and work became difficult and I could so relate to people who are long term unemployed. I found that if I put in a break away to do something specific in the middle of the 6 or so week break I was able to reduce or even avoid the issue. (A January Guide camp or Jamboree was perfect for that!)

Working now, full time from home, it is really important for me to have a routine and strategies to keep focused and achieve targets. ‘To make IT happen!!’

Finding the right balance between the spinning top, the overwhelm of tasks and the sheer boredom of no goals or action is vital. Having clear goals and targets and being able to stay focused on ‘Deep Work’ (Reflections of this topic will be a topic of a future Blog post) is my challenge and my personal goals.

I am currently studying and thoroughly enjoying the learning curve of Life Coaching through the Life Coaching Academy. Life coaching really ties in nicely with working towards and enabling people to achieve their personal, work and life goals.

Topics and personal reflections in relation to my Life Coaching studies; the related readings, my connections with THE Rural Woman and experiences in relation to setting and achieving goals will all be the focus of this blog and future posts along with some of them being live webinars.

I hope you will enjoy and comment your own opinions and join in discussion in relation to these future posts and even better join in some of the live events!

Vivian Evans - Endeavouring to ‘Make IT Happen!

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