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7 Steps of Intention

Currently I am studying Life Coaching with the Life Coaching Academy. A recent ‘workshop’ I participated in was focused on the 7 steps of mental fitness, which I prefer to call the '7 Steps of Intention'. I thought I would apply it practically to myself and see if I could use this tool to achieve ‘My Intentions’ ... To make IT happen! This Blog post is about that experience.

The goal I focused on whilst trying the 7 Steps of Intention was to achieve a stage in my Life Coaching Qualification.

With the current stage of my study there aren’t any specific deadlines, so all my other urgent activities with deadlines were coming first. I had 'Study' on my to do list every day but that was as far as it went. I need to juggle my studies with a busy life full of business, volunteering, family, social and other 'getting on with life' activities. My study was slipping to last place. I was telling myself my BEDTIME story! "I'm too busy!" "I don’t have time!"

We tend to be hardwired into our “Bed time stories - Blame, Excuse and Denial"

The very first Step of the 7 steps of Intention is to Engage in Pro - Active Self Talk

Apparently we have 1500 words per minute running through our mind! We tend to be hardwired into our “Bed time stories - Blame, Excuse and Denial"

So what's the fix for this? Be aware of your self talk - Stop! Take note and re route those thoughts - Flip them to positive. (This will potentially a big challenge especially if trying to break a habit of negative self talk... When you notice it don't beat yourself up! Just take note and try to flip it!)

Work on positive personal affirmations - keep them personal, Present, pro-active, pertinent and purposeful... e.g. “I have good study habits”, “My work space is tidy”, “I am organised”

Coach yourself with positive talk and ‘the prover’ (Yes! That's you!) will work on proving it.

To find out the other 6 steps and how to apply them I've created a recording to share with you all the 7 steps and how I used the steps myself. Did I achieve the outcome I intended? You will need to see the recording to find out!

Before you watch the recording I encourage you to print this Live Webinar Activity Sheet and determine a personal goal you would like to achieve before you start. Whilst you watch the video you can then take notes to help you on your journey to achieve your own personal goal and Make IT Happen! I wish you well!

Have you ever tried any of these steps yourself? Perhaps you have tried a few of them... but not all 7 together.

If not do you think these steps would assist you in achieving your goal? Perhaps you have other strategies!

I would love to hear your thoughts, personal observations and any questions. Please feel free to post a reply...

Vivian Evans... Striving to Make IT Happen!

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