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THE Rural Woman

Full Bloom Event

March 17th - 18th, 2018
Baradine - Coonabarabran, NSW

Friday 16th March Evening - Early bird event

8.30pm Beneath the Southern Sky @ Milroy Obervatory

See here for details and Special rate registration.

Saturday 17th March 

From 9am to 4.15pm workshops

You 'cherry pick' the events you want to participate in!

YOUR Opportunities: YOUR Choices : YOUR Passion : YOUR Learning Experience

Cost of event - Will depend on your choice of Workshop/s and activities you register for.

You can register for 1 up to 4 workshops dependent on the program times.

 See the workshops detailed below and follow the register links for more details.

You need to register for each event separately

(You can print off a program - see PDF file)

4.30pm "Full Bloom"  Exhibition opening 

Baradine Pilliga Forest Discovery Centre 

Wellington Street Baradine

RSVP Now - Free Event

7.30pm Open invitation to join Vivian's table for Dinner

at the Acacia Motel Restaurant Coonabarabran

 (Book via Restaurant phone 02 6842 1922)

Sunday 18th 
Stay overnight and explore the delights of Baradine & Coonabarabran

See specials on accomodation & links to what you can see!

Register your interest as a participant and for further updates via email in the purple form below.

Session 1 Options

Words Matter, Feelings Matter, You Matter!

9am - 11am

@ Pilliga Discovery Centre

Are you really in touch with yourself and your environment?

How to stop self-sabotaging and truly connect with yourself and others.

Join in an engaging Facilitated Presentation by Jeanette McPetrie –  Focus Open Mind from Beechworth Victoria.

(Limited spaces)

Bring Your Boldest Self – Fun Creative Empowering Workshop 

 17th March 9am – 11.30

@ Freckles Cafe

Discover how your body can have an influence over your mind. 

Learn  strategies to increase your confidence for challenging situations, engage in some fun creativity to empower you & take home your creation!

With Vivian Evans & Robyn Dorrian - SPLAT

(Limit of 20 participants)

Session 2 Options

It’s OK to say “no”. The art of the healthcare consultation: making it work for you

11.30am - 12.30pm

@ Pilliga Discovery Centre

Feeling confident and competent to contribute to our healthcare consultations is not easy. The jargon, the time allowed and the overwhelming emphasis on the “do as I say” approach is just too hard to manage sometimes. Learn how to be a better participant and be heard so your needs are the focus of the consultation

With Linda Beaver

Make your own

Lip Balm

11.30am - 12.30pm

@ Freckles Cafe

Join Lynda Coffey from Nannytime Goats Milk Soap in her Lip Balm Workshop.

See how easy and simple it is to make your own lip balms. Pure Natural ingredients for a chemical free lasting product. Walk away with a lip balm and the recipe on how to make your own.

Session 3/4 Afternoon Options

You can attend both these workshops in this session if you wish

How much are you willing to receive?

1pm - 3pm 

Have you ever felt like there’s never enough… never enough Time, Clients, Sleep, Love, Breaks … and in this class we’ll work on Money. It doesn’t matter what you do it still feels like there is to little… and that there’s often the stress that it will not be enough that stops you from the choices you would like to make?

Join Kate McCarthy for this workshop at the Discovery Centre, Baradine.


Transform your Life, Garden & Landscape using Permaculture Design Principles

3.15pm – 4.15pm

 The Discovery Centre, Baradine:
1 hour interactive and fun workshop to explore the many applications of Permaculture Design Principles

With Kim Deans

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