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Live Event Recordings

Worried because you have missed a live event or want to run through it again? Don't Panic!!

Here is collection of live recordings hosted by Vivian Evans or when I have appeared as a guest. 

I strongly recommend you register to join the upcoming live events and with that you gain emailed reminders & extra goodies and resources.

LIVE@Lunch Australia's Hidden Figures

Guest presenter Donna the Astronomer from Milroy Observatory, near Coonabarabran.

All eyes were on the stars this mid May 2018 with Brian Cox and the ABC and perhaps you've seen the movie Hidden Figures about the women who played an essential part in getting the Man on the Moon and many other astronomical feats.


This recording was with my special guest 'Donna the Astronomer' and she is going to share with us some fascinating facts about Australia's hidden figures the women who have played a big part in the progress of us understanding more about our amazing skies! Donna Burton is the Astronomer in Charge at Milroy Telescope which is situated between Coonabarabran and Baradine on the doorstep of the Warrumbungle Dark Sky Park - The only Dark Sky Park in Australia!

LIVE@Lunch - Getting the Most out of an Online Virtual Session - tips for participants

Note these tips are useful for hosts too! ;-)

Here's a recording of a LIVE@Lunch webinar event with host Vivian Evans sharing a hands on fun event to help you as a participant learn some tips and help you prepare better for an online event... along with some free e-resources to help you out.

Tips Vivian covers are:

- Engaging effectively in our room as a participant

- Getting the most out of your online experience

- Webinar etiquette tips

- Some fun deskercise


For those who want to facilitate their own webinars you can gather some useful tools to help our participants for a smoother webinar. Want to engage in future free live events with Vivian Evans then please register via for emailed updates.

LIVE@Lunch: Hosting your very own Zoom webinar Room! Essential tips!

A hands on session all about Zoom webinar rooms

Want to host your very own Webinar Room? But not sure how to go about it?

PLEASE NOTE: This session was best live - as a recording it doesn't really show you all that I am talking about... as Zoom doesn't record the buttons, the text chat and all the other goodies that come together when we are live. It works well for recording a presentation but this isn't quite about that. Having said that there are still some useful tips on how to use the site... Perhaps it would be handy to open up a zoom room and listen to the instructions...  


Participants joined Vivian for some useful tips on how to engage in a Zoom room and dive into some of the various features  - managing participants, taking away the wrinkles (LOL - this one is a fun feature), recording, putting your hand up, sharing your screen and more.  We will only be limited by the 1/2 time we have available together.

We talked about cost too for having your own room... and touch on alternatives but the great thing is this one is free (with limitations).

Definitely a hands on session, opportunity to ask questions and have fun! So watch out for the next live offering of this presentation, definitely be ready to join in, turn on the camera and participate! And in no time you will be hosting your own webinar event! Register on our LIVE Events page to be emailed updates of events so you don't miss the next opportunity.

If you want a discussion to personalise how best to use webinar toosl for your business, or to partner with me to co-facilitate a virtual room, or to have more training check out for further details. You can also register for regular free LIVE@Lunch webinars held each Thursday on Vivian also mentions a website called

LIVE@Lunch - Get health savvy with special guest Linda Beaver

It's OK to say 'No' The art of the health consultation

Do you feel confused when you have been to the doctor? Does the physio give you exercises that you can’t quite remember? Did you get a script for a new tablet but are not sure what it is supposed to do? Been told to lose weight without being given all the help and resources that will make a difference for you? 

These are not uncommon situations in the day-to-day healthcare environment. As the patient, the consumer of healthcare services, we are expected to be taking more responsibility for our own health.  

The art of our communication is the key to being more informed AND being able to say “No, that won’t work for me. What other ways can we manage this?”

Having been a healthcare practitioner for over 30 years, Linda Beaver knows how much easier it is if we can contribute to the discussion about our health. We can help guide the diagnosis and management by giving accurate information and being honest about how we can work through a treatment program.

Learn some tips to be more informed, to know how to ask the right questions and take some control of your health decision making. Hear about some common examples of how we get left behind where our personal health is concerned. This session will make a difference as you wind your way through the healthcare maze.

Practical skills and information sharing is the key to this free webinar event. Make a difference to your health journey by becoming a more informed patient.

LIVE@Lunch Tips for using Google Drive for Collaboration with Vivian Evans

See link below to engage handson whilst the session is playing!

Google Drive hosts a variety of free powerful tools for collaborating with your team and with business partners.

Participants joined Vivian Thursday 22nd Feb @ midday to engage in a hands on session where we explored a variety of ways you can connect and collaborate with others. Discover how you can get the most out of these awesome online free tools even for use just for yourself.

Examples will be engaging in agendas, sharing folders, word documents, spreadsheets and more.

Participants don't need to have a google account to actively engage as you will see here in the demonstration. But to set up your own info you do need a google account.

You can participate in the activities suggested whilst you watch the recording... LIVE@Lunch Google Drive Exploration Folder 

LIVE@Lunch: Words Matter, Feelings Matter, YOU Matter!

Special guest Jeanette McPetrie from Focus Open Mind

As a special guest for LIVE@Lunch Jeanette shared some insights, as a pre-launch for the event coming up on the Saturday 17th March with THE Rural Woman Full Bloom Event where she is one of the speakers.

Jeanette's Topic: Words Matter, Feelings Matter, You Matter!

Are you really in touch with yourself and your environment?

How to stop self-sabotaging and truly connect with yourself and others.

Believe in yourself that:

  • You are enough

  • You are worthwhile

  • You are lovable

Jeanette is originally from Central West NSW, who grew up on the land with the country life in her blood. Starting her career as a Physical Education and Health Teacher initially at MLC School Melbourne, the call of the land was too strong and later went back to the family farms. Whilst working for the family partnership she also fitted in work as a technical officer for Trangie Agricultural Research Station and was the stock assistant with Pitt Son & Bryant Ltd Stock & Station Agent, Warren NSW.

In 1998 purchased her own agricultural property, running cattle, sheep and Lucerne enterprises following the dream and passion of working the land. It was during this time, that she also gained a wealth of knowledge in a cross section of work experiences to bring in the extra capital to create a well maintained and sustainable property. Ranging from casual teaching, Services & Programs Officer (encompassing assessing inmates for self-harm, drug & alcohol facilitation, classification & welfare) with Wellington Correctional Centre, Support Worker for NGO’s, Consumer Advocate and Educational Facilitator for Dubbo Mental Health Unit and Centrelink Manager/Agent for Wellington.

With bigger dreams a field, Jeanette sold the farm in 2013 and in time settled in the Historic Town of Beechworth, Victoria where she put her heart into the new venture of training at The Coaching Institute, Melbourne.


Today running her business 'Focus Open Mind' in Rural Areas, transforming both Individuals and Businesses to reach their full potential, through coaching and workshops. Speaking Engagements is one of Jeanette's passions as she loves engaging and inspiring community groups.

Excitingly Jeanette is offering a free consultation to all viewers of the LIVE@Lunch session. Please ring 0408 902 150 or email Jeanette to arrange that appointment to help you make that move away from self sabotage and onto a brighter new future!

LIVE@Lunch Writing Social Media for businesses

with special guest Maddie Cook from Maddie Cook Communications

My special guest  for this LIVE@Lunch was graphic designer and social media specialist Maddie Cook.


Maddie is originally from beautiful Central West NSW and currently living in Canberra.
Upon moving to Canberra for study she was made quite aware of the challenges and disadvantages people living in rural and remote areas faced compared to their city counterparts, especially within the communication industry.

It was this combined with her passion for promoting the rural Australian life and businesses that drove her to create her business Maddie Cook Communications.

Maddie offers businesses in rural areas a supportive and friendly approach to solving their communication needs and currently specialises in graphic design, advertising, marketing with some exciting things to come in 2018 on the social media front! 

As a special guest for LIVE@Lunch Maddie shared her insights into social media marketing... perfect for business and with a bent to towards the Australian rural community that she loves! :-)

LIVE@Lunch - Cryptocurrency with special guest Simone Schmidt

Add some more info about this item...

For the very first LIVE@Lunch for 2018 I was delighted to have Simone Schmidt join me to talk about a really current topic Cryptocurrency.

I had a fascinating conversation about ‘crypto currency’ recently with Simone and gained some interesting insight. You may have heard of Bitcoin... as I have but apparently that is only one example of thousands! Bitcoin just happens to be the most popular in the market at present. 

A challenging and somewhat mind boggling topic... you can see why some are excited by it and others just want to keep clear away. 

If you are a bit curious, at least to understand what the hype is about, then check out this edition of LIVE@Lunch for Simone’s brief introduction into this relatively new world 🌍  that she has dived into head first.

Writing YOUR business story

Guest Sheridan Morris joins Vivian Evans for the final LIVE@Lunch for 2017

YOUR Business Story

Why have you chosen the business you’re in?

I’ll bet you’ve been motivated by a passion that made you to take steps you never thought you could. Do you ever share this story with your customers? 

Your business story is absolute gold! It’s unique and it tells prospects and customers why you are THE ONE to choose in your industry. Grab it, record it and put it on your About Us page, your Facebook page and your LinkedIn profile.

Sheridan Morris discusses how to present your story to engage customers. Plus, she’ll talk about how using humour in your communications keeps them coming back again and again!

Discover this hidden treasure in your business in this recording of this LIVE@Lunch event with special guest Sheridan Morris

Collaborating for Business Success - LIVE@Lunch focus on this our 21st event!

3 important things to consider about the spirit of Collaboration

Wendy Dumaresq and Vivian Evans discuss

1) What is the Spirit of Collaboration

2) How to determine the right person to collaborate with

3) What to put in place before you begin to collaborate


Vivian Evans hosts this LIVE@Lunch with special guest Wendy Dumaresq author and Natural Health Therapist, founder of the Natural Woman Network https://naturalwomannetwork.thinkific... and LIVE@Lunch brought to you as a free collaborative gift from watch the recording to gain access to another gift from Wendy Dumaresq

Our 20th LIVE@Lunch - Google Calendar Tips with Vivian

Don't miss your appointments!

Finding it difficult to keep track of time? Your diary isn't always with you or it's filling your handbag!
Google Calendar may just be the tool for you!

 I've been using Google Calendar for just on 10 years and it is an awesome free tool that has me on track with my commitments... by using my phone and my laptop (You can use pretty much any connected device) 

In this 20 minute video I demo how to use various features of Google Calendar and how I find it helpful.

LIVE@Lunch - Power Poses bringing your boldest self

Add some more info about this item...

For some time now I have been concerned about, what seems to me, a rising anxiety in people, especially in young people. I had been struggling to nail why this would be the case - what could the cause be? I am not saying I have nailed the cause and the solution but the research by author and Harvard professor Amy Cuddy makes a lot of sense as to what could be enhancing the rise in anxiety and certainly she has some simple strategies that could help.

What if  you could change how you feel and raise your confidence before you faced a challenging situation such as an exam, interview or even public speaking event?


Research is proving that your body language can influence your mind. Whilst it is proven that you can influence others the most important person to influence is YOU! And you can do this by engaging in power poses that increase your testosterone (‘dominance’ hormone) and lower your cortisol (‘stress’ hormone) 

Amy Cuddy has been doing some awesome research and in this LIVE@Lunch session I share some of what I have discovered from her book  'Presence - Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges' & videos to inspire you to discover more of what you can easily do to make a difference. It's simple & free!

See also my blog post with all the goodies from the session wrapped together

LIVE@Lunch Online survey tool Google Drive Forms

A demonstration on how to create and utilise a free online survey tool for business or community group or individual needs

In a recent webinar I participated in the question was asked 'What's a good online survey tool?' and another person asked what if I'm not so tech savvy is it easy to use?

Often people answer with Survey Monkey but I find that the free version of Google Drive forms gives you better results and more to manipulate than the free version of Survey Monkey. There are a number of polling tools too out there but for this demonstration I am going to do a short and sweet Google Drive Forms demonstration so you can put it straight to work for you!

LIVE@Lunch 10 Mindsets to achieve success with Guest Anne Ryan

Perfect for goal seekers & women in small business

Anne Ryan is an internationally known Life, Career & Business Coach focused on helping women step out of 9 - 5 drudgery and into their own awesome entrepreneurial business!


In this LIVE@Lunch conversation Anne and Vivian discuss 10 Mindsets needed for people in business and for achieving your goals! ​

Anne describes herself as "a fun loving, adventure seeking, multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, committed to owning my goals and living a life that I love. I challenge my comfort zone, I take risks, I make mistakes and I have no regrets." ​


Anne hosts a highly active Facebook group 'Empowering Mumpreneurs' Join us for this very special LIVE@Lunch conversation.

LIVE@Lunch Tea Tasting with Katja Ingham from Tea Karts

Discover how to get the best taste from your tea!

Special guest Tea Blender Katja Ingham from Tea Karts shares her knowledge of tea - Tea Karts business History, Tea types, the difference of loose leaf and tea bags, importance of water, storage and how to drink and get the most taste from a good cup of tea.


We are offering an exciting First of an online event of LIVE Tea Tasting with Katja Ingham on November 23rd see for details and to register

LIVE@Lunch - Guest Hayley Purbrick from Big Sky Ideas

Entreprenerial ideas to grow rural communities

Big Sky Idea's is a social enterprise created with the intention of tackling a challenge facing small towns throughout Australia - small town decline.


We believe small town decline can be turned around if we can teach every individual who lives within a small town throughout Australia to think like an entrepreneur. When individuals have an entrepreneurial mindset they have a greater capacity to innovate, value add and problem solve. Improving their overall health and well-being.

“Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset, an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt. By empowering our leaders to foster entrepreneurial spirit we will grow vibrant regional economies.” Purbrick (2017)

Join in our chat with Hayley and her awesome Big Sky Ideas!

LIVE@Lunch - Effective & affordable tools for online meetings

Add some more info about this item...

Do you need easy and effective meetings for teams that are spread over a fair distance? Do you want to collaborate with business partners on projects where you are not necessarily meeting in the same location.


This LIVE@Lunch session is an overview of a variety of free and/or affordable collaborative tools that she uses currently with a team that are spread over central NSW. 


These tools could help you connect your team, potential business partners, clients and more.

Want more? Then why not register for the October 'Effective Meetings Online Course' kicking of Tuesday 10th October - A special is now on offer for $99 plus discounts from members from the same team/organisation.

See for details

3 Tips to regain your Mid Life Mojo

for Women who want to Thrive Through Menopause!

In this LIVE@Lunch session we have Wendy Dumaresq as my special guest with a session focused on the topic 'Thrive through Menopause – 3 Top Tips to help you start to get your Midlife Mojo Back’

This is for you if you are:

-        Fed up with all the confusion and overwhelm & information overload on the web and media about the menopause transition and want to have a trusted source of information.

-        Battling with finding your Midlife Mojo – where has it gone?  

-        Wanting to charge your batteries and start to have more Energy and Vitality.

-        A busy gal with everyone wanting a chunk of you, so you want to access more.....

-        Convenient, economical and effective ways of learning natural  in your health options own time, at your own pace. 

Wendy Dumaresq is a Herbalist & Natural Medicine Women’s Health provider, 2 x published author, event leader, speaker and Teacher/Healer with nearly three  decades of combined study and clinical practice. 

Her mission is to share natural and safe, inspiring and empowering solutions for women of all ages.  She KNOWS that when you have the support, information and appropriate tools you can hugely improve your vitality, energy and enjoyment of life.

 More about Wendy’s work plus a media interview with the popular Mrs V about radiant health after 40 at

Getting you and your community into Bike Week 2017 and beyond

Discover great tips to get your community active!

My special guest Cheyenne O'Brien, the Warrumbungle Shire Roads Safety Officer, explains about Bike Week events across various states and in particular NSW and how you can apply and host an event in the future.


Find out how you can get active for Bike Week 2017 which pedals off on 16th September and discover what exciting events are happening across the Warrumbungle Shire.


Find out about a Get active community QR Code challenge developed in collaboration with Girl Guides and various community groups and individuals. Get an insight on QR Codes and what they are about.


Discover how you can find out what is happening in your locality - no matter where you live and enjoy bike and shared walking paths and the outdoors in your locality.

All this in just 30 engaging minutes... want more details contact  

Do you find it hard to concentrate & stay focused?

Check out this LIVE@Lunch presentation on Deep Work by Vivian Evans

For those who struggle to stay focused - some free and practical tips and advice on developing skills in staying focused in our distractive world was presented at a recent LIVE@Lunch event. This is the recording of the live webinar. (Just 30 minutes with even a stretch exercise to boot) 

Just before Christmas last year I was feeling frustrated by my lack of ability to stay focused when trying to do bigger tasks that needed concentration. Tasks such as writing an assignment or a blog post took ages and I rarely stayed on task for long.

I later discovered a newly released book called Deep Work and since then I have been practicing aspects of this insightful book by Cal Newport. Just like being fit it takes practice and keeping in a routine... it is so worth it when you get into the Deep Work groove!  Here is my summary of the key rules and the book.

If you want more and some guided support to get into the DEEP WORK GROOVE then why not register for upcoming DEEP WORK resources, networking & courses I am offering. Subscribe here and unsubscribe whenever you want. This way you ensure you won't miss out!

7 Steps to gain traction with your BIG Goals

Add some more info about this item...

Have you got an important Goal you want to achieve - but not making any traction in your progress?


In this online webinar I will share a strategy called 'The 7 steps of Intention' and share reflections on my exploration and implementation of this process.

Join me live to gain insight into this potential tool aimed at enabling you to achieve their own personal goals.

During this workshop I am encouraging you to focus on one of your own personal goals and during the session to consider and grow the ideas for your  7 Steps of Intention. You will come away with a framework to achieve your own goal and 'Make IT Happen!'

LIVE@Lunch - Introduction to Executive 
Functioning in Children

Special Guest Diane Heinlein from

Executive functioning is a set of skills that helps you get stuff done and self-regulate. In children Executive Functioning may be challenging and instead look like; not being able to get assessments done on time, continuously leaving something behind, not being able to keep their room tidy, having frequent outbursts of anger, amongst other things. This half an hour Diane briefly covers what executive functioning is and how it manifests and touches on some strategies to help.

We recommend you print this LIVE@Lunch Intro to Executive Functioning in Children Activity Sheet off before you start the recording playback - 


My guest presenter for this LIVE@Lunch event was Diane Heinlein who has a passion to see children achieve their best possible outcome. Her passion started when her eldest child was placed in a remedial maths class. She worked towards finding the reasons for him falling behind and as a result of a combination of many things including finding what worked best for him and advocating, he ended up doing extension 2 maths in year 12 and being on the distinguished achievers' list. Diane has worked in schools and has had many years working with children to help them achieve their very best. You can connect with Diane via her website

Please join us in discussion on our Forum 

Want more info about Executive Functioning? Such as an online course we are hoping to offer in the near future? Then please register for Email updates on Executive Functioning here.

LIVE@Lunch - Webinar tools - which one to choose?

Presented by Vivian Evans on 10th August 2017

There is a myriad of online webinar programs out there with some many and varied prices and products/tools you can use with them. 

In this LIVE@Lunch session Vivian shares some the key features and aspects of just some of these available tools.

You can follow here the link to the Webinar Tools comparison spreadsheet. I encourage you to add comments. It is a work in progress and will be under fairly constant change as the webinar tools themselves change it will be a challenge to keep up with.

LIVE@Lunch 'Uncover the Wealthy YOU!'

With special Guest Dianna Jacobsen from SHINE at Business

This LIVE@Lunch I was delighted to be hosting a special guest who is one a of a number of amazing women who have helped me develop my business and my personal thinking.

Dianna Jacobsen helps people to SHINE in their business and personal lives.


Dianna is a specialist business development and financial strategist, combining a background in accountancy, financial planning, business strategic planning and personal empowerment coaching. Her clients range across all industries, shapes and sizes, and their most common challenges include shortfalls in turnover, time, team! Dianna brings together actionable, realistic strategies to overcome their barriers and guide them to new levels of success.

Dianna is shares some of her practical tips and knowledge in this LIVE@Lunch session.

LIVE@Lunch - Scented Soy Candle making

With special guest Rhonda Muller from the Country Rose Studio

LIVE@Lunch Candle Making Workshop With Special Guest Rhonda Muller from the Country Rose Studio in Coonabarabran was recorded on July 18th, 2017 in the lead up to the live event. We are using this recording as it is a better quality - the info is close to what was shared on the actual day.
Rhonda shows me and you all the essential steps to making your own scented soy candles. 

Rhonda  runs regular Candle Making and 'Just Chalking' furniture makeover workshops at her Country Rose Studio at 27 Little Timor Street, Coonabarabran.  You can see more on Rhonda's Country Rose Facebook page.

LIVE@Lunch - Tips for Creating & editing online videos

Using 2 free online tools

In this recording Vivian introduces you to 2 free online tools that you can use to create, edit and share snappy videos.

You can see more awesome resources for creating videos in our Making IT Happen Discussion forum  and ask questions and make comments. Hope to see you there!

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor where I inserted the video I asked participants to watch independently in the live event and then later whilst editing in Youtube I dropped it into the webinar recording so we can watch in one relatively smooth process. It is bookmarked by a sub title to show when this starts and stops. This was using this more advanced editing tool (

LIVE@Lunch - Effective and Affordable tools for Online Meetings

Vivian engaged participants in a live online example of some of the free tools available on

Do you need easy and effective meetings for teams that are spread over a fair distance? Are you challenged by distance, travel time and money? Well this could save your team time and money and being out on the roads.
This video is a live recording of Vivian Evans hosting the 3rd LIVE@Lunch session with an overview of a variety of free and/or affordable collaborative tools that she uses currently with a team that are spread over central NSW. In fact they used some of these tools live in this hands on, engaging session.
These tools could help you connect your team, potential business partners, clients and more. 

Want to discover more resources?

Check out the online Connecting Teams Discussion forum  or register interest for the upcoming courses available in September and October 2017. 


Want a tailor made course? Then you can contact Vivian Evans to see what she could do for you.  See contact details at the bottom of this page.

LIVE@Lunch - Tips for Engaging effectively in Webinars & FUN Deskercise

Tips of getting the most of your online learning environment and Work Health & Safety tips for working in the office!

A recording from the LIVE@Lunch series where expert webinar facilitator Vivian Evans shares some useful tips on how to get the most out of live webinars as a participant. Vivian shares her experience across a number of platforms and working with varied presenters to give you the key tips for being prepared before hand and how to engage well during live online / webinar events.
Have some fun and a stretch too to get the most out of your day with some Healthy but easy 'Deskercise'.


To register for future LIVE@Lunch events or short courses with Vivian Evans see our Live Events page

LIVE@Lunch - Deep Work

Presentation by Vivian Evans on 15th June 2017

For those who struggle to stay focused - some free and practical tips and advice on developing skills in staying focused in our distractive world.

Just before Christmas last year I was feeling frustrated by my lack of ability to stay focused when trying to do bigger tasks that needed concentration. Tasks such as writing an assignment or a blog post took ages and I rarely stayed on task for long.

I later discovered a newly released book called Deep Work and for the last 5 months I have been practicing aspects of this insightful book by Cal Newport. 

The first LIVE@Lunch presentation by Vivian Evans recorded on Thursday 15th June 


I invite you to join in our discussions on Working Deeply Discussion Forum

7 Steps of Intention

A Strategy to help you achieve your goals

In this video Vivian Evans steps you through 7 steps that she learnt during her Life Coaching studies. 


Vivian shares the steps with a reflection of her own application of the strategy.


You can also find a resource activity page on Vivian's Making it Happen Blog page

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Podcast: Zealous Connections with Vivian Evans (Interviewed by Rebel Black as part of THE Rural Woman)

I was invited by Rebel Black to discuss the value of ZEAL as part of THE Rural Woman series of podcasts.

Here is the Podcast... 

And further reflections and notes on Zeal can be found on my Make IT Happen Blog 

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